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Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle with White Spray Top

RM 11.00

Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottles for Essential Oils with Fine Mist Spray. The cobalt blue color glass helps protect its contents from damaging UV light. 

Contents: Cobalt blue glass bottle with white plastic misting spray tops and clear acrylic hoods.

Protect and Enjoy Your Unique Creations with Timeless Classic, Professional-Quality Glass Spray Bottles

  •  Fine mist perfectly diffuses your preferred scent
  •  Deep color glass preserved the strength of expensive essential oils and keeps them from breaking down from exposure to UV light
  •  Sturdy, premium quality bottles resist breakage – even during travel
  •  Sprayer conveniently screws on and off to fill bottle
  •  Tight seal helps prevents leakage found in many other bottle brands
  •  Perfect for Essential Oils