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Spearmint Vitality - 5ml

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Spearmint (Mentha spicata)  Vitality™ essential oil is treasured for its unique minty flavor, as  well as its ability to help calm tummies* and support normal digestion*  as a dietary supplement. With naturally occurring menthol, carvone, and  limonene, Spearmint Vitality essential oil can add a cooling effect to  foods that is both pleasant and beneficial. 

With a distinctly sweeter, softer mint taste than Peppermint Vitality,  Spearmint Vitality oil is perfect for infusing beverages to help cool  you down. Because of its versatility, Spearmint Vitality is an important  ingredient in Citrus Fresh™, EndoFlex™, GLF™, NingXia Nitro®, and  Thryomin™.

Spearmint Vitality Essential Oils Uses:

  • Take Spearmint Vitality as a dietary supplement by adding a drop to a vegetarian capsule and taking daily or as needed.
  • Enjoy staying hydrated! Add a drop of Spearmint Vitality to a glass of fruit-infused water to add variety.
  • Add a drop to your tea to help support normal digestion.
  • Give meats and veggies a minty note by including Spearmint Vitality in your marinades.
  • Make world-class homemade pesto by adding a drop of Spearmint Vitality to your minced basil.


Spearmint (Mentha spicata)† leaf oil

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil